Here you can find a gallery of iterations that has gone through. Click on the image to see it in full glorious technicolor.


With the release of Wordpress 3.1 and the post type feature, I finally decided to do away with ZenPhoto and keep the gallery/portfolio entirely contained in Wordpress. I ended up creating three substantially different post types; websites, motion and artwork. Each post type had their own index and "full story" styles. Each website would appear a jQuery slider, each artwork would appear as a colorbox image and each motion would appear as a colorbox video.

ZenPhoto wasn't the only thing to go with this version, a lot of the pages were removed and content really stripped down. I realised a lot of stuff was irrelevant and not needed any more.

This is also the first version of dBaines to be released as a GitHub project. Feel free to download it and dissect it!


Mostly the same as the previous years template but with added shiny-happiness and some minor re-aligning and tweaking over the year.

2009 - New Logo





Sticking with the idea for a widescreen layout, I decided to create a fluid, fullscreen version of my blog. Here you can see it sporting a new logo that I was field testing for a whort while, along with the snowman that appeared in December.

2008 - Widescreen

A design that never actually came to fruition due to time restraints. It was going to be an alternate design (non default) that required a widescreen resolution.

This would have been the first version of to have contextual sidebars. As you can see from the mockups, the sidebar would have changed depending on which section of the site you were on.
It also would have been the first version to have flash elements. The shiny logo at the top left had an animated shine.

It never actually went public but I liked it so much that I consider it to be a real version.



2006 - Alternate Templates

I was playing around with a CSS stylesheet switcher and realised I could have a series of completely different designs for my website that the user could choose between. Here you can see three of them I had going. I actually ended up with over ten different stylesheets at one time!

The first I named "Resurgence", since it was a remake of the old version 1 template.

The second one I named "Do the Mario" and was made up almost entirely of Mario 3 sprites. It was great fun to make, I actually want to take a stab at it again some time.

The third was named "Dioxide" and it was by far my most popular of the alternate skins.

2006 - dBaines 3: With a Vengeance


2005 - Portfolio Edition

I needed a self-contained portfolio that wasn't a part of a larger website or blog. I wanted something really arty and completely different from my blog. The character in the top left would randomise on page load out of a series of characters I had drawn.

2005 - dBaines II: Attack of the Clones