Happy Jesus Day.

Happy birthday man, the big 2-0-1-4. Wow man, you're fuckin' OLD.

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Vista RTM

Last week I decided to stick it to the man once again and download the final, Release-To-Manufacturer version of Windows Vista.
Because I'm so cool, and my hardware is cutting edge I installed Vista Ultimate x64. Read More

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Dark Messiah of Mighty Redux

I previously reviewed the Dark Messiah demo, and since I've had my hands on the full, retail, complete, whole and final version of the game I decided I'd review that too. I'll try to keep this one brief and to the point.

Single Player

20 FPS on a freakin' menu is what I'd call a bad start. My video card has been giving me grief (constant overheating) so I'm willing to consider it may be due to my card, but I don't think it is. This is with the Optimal Recommended settings by the by. And anyone that's used the Source Engine knows that the only graphics options that do anything are Textures, HDR and Gamma. Everything else looks exactly the fucking same no matter what settings you put it on. That said I knocked all the settings down and managed to double my menu frame-rate without it actually looking different at all (except for the HDR which was only giving me a headache).
The game itself is actually pretty cool. It's an FPRPSâ„¢, combining the worst of First-Person-Shooters (straight-forward linear storyline with bland, repetitive environments) with the basic elements of RPG (experience points that can be spent on upping certain parts of your character. Strength, Agility, Bow Skill and so forth) making a pretty average game.
The only thing that was entertaining was finding hidden items. There were a couple of challenging puzzles that I found pretty entertaining as well.
It has three or four different endings and a couple parts where you can branch out and do different things (save the damsel in distress or let her die? Purge the evil demon from your soul or <3 her long time) so I guess there's that for replayability, but between the constant crashing and handbags full of bugs I really don't think I care enough to get them.

PS. What kind of icon is that? This is 2006 you noobs, try something with more than 3 colours. Oh, and there's this freaky new invention they've named "Transparency". I hear it makes those ugly white backgrounds INVISDABLE. I know!


30 minutes to copy my steam folder over to a partition with more than 10 megabytes free so I can install this bad mamajama.
1.5 hours to download via Steamâ„¢.
20 minutes to load one map.
Map loads to see the final scoreboard and people saying "gg".
20 minutes to load the next map.
10 minutes of gameplay on an incredibly laggy (all my settings were on low), uninspired map before some 1337 mother fucker caps all the flags.
20 minutes to load the next map.
5 minutes of running around aimlessly.
Get burned alive by some randomly aimed fireball and the game crashes.
5 minutes to uninstall.

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Battlefield 2142 Demo

Free Image Hosting at The demo of BF2142 hit today (or yesterday if you got it from an "EA Partner"), and so I decided to hold off on grabbing the two hour season premiere of Battlestar Galactica and hop on a local server for some gay-time fraggin'.
Read More

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Fallen Angel

I just finished reading all of Fallen Angel Volume 1 (Issues 1-20).
This shit is worthy of my time. It's good stuff.

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The basic premise is this: The mysterious city of Bete Noire is your ordinary american city by day, but by night it fills to the brim with evil. Mainly small time thieves and such, but often much more.
Our main character Lee, or "Fallen Angel" as her bar-man Dolf named her, is I guess what you'd get if you crossed Batman with Veronica Mars. People come to her and ask for help, and if she thinks you deserve her help, she will. She is still a Super-Hero after all, so she does have her own little powers. Combine that with supernatural themes and you have Fallen Angel.
The thing that attracted me to this series was the catholic mythology it's based on, after reading the Wikipedia entry. The thing that kept me reading was the amazing story.

Fallen Angel was cancelled after the 20th issue, however it was brought back recently for volume 2. I believe they are up to about issue 7. From what I've read of volume 2, it's really different. In my opinion, not for the better. It's set several years later so they can introduce some new characters, which is great. The art style however has dramatically changed in to a more realistic painted look, which makes recognising characters from volume 1 sometimes difficult. Angel looks so much more awesome in this painted style, but a lot of it gets blurry and blends together. With the new characters they've also introduced a lot of Lee's background and various other things have come out that before were just mysteries, which in my opinion really kills the awesomeness of Bete Noire, since there is no more mystery.

If you want an awesome graphic novel to read, I recommend Fallen Angel volume 1. Pick up whats out so far of volume 2 if you want to continue the story, but I don't love it as much as volume 1. Then again I've only read the first 3 issues of v2, it may still grow on me.

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