Zenpressed Mod – Thumbnails for Multimedia (mp3/flv)


This is a mod that will make Zenpressed show thumbnails for FLV and MP3 formats.

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dBaines.com design

Grungy New Homepage

dBaines.com Homepage
dBaines.com Homepage
I've made a grungy new homepage for the Dragon2009 theme here at dbaines.com. Every other theme just redirects you to the blog :)

I've always wanted a unique looking homepage for my website that shows off both my artwork and my blog. It uses a lot of jQuery, PNGs, a little CSS3 and a few hacked wordpress plugins.
Currently it's only supported in Firefox 3.5, I haven't had a chance to hack up some IE sheets and bugfix yet.

I searched for ages to find a hack for ZenPressed to get a full sized image to use as a background image. In the end I didn't find one and almost gave up, before thinking, "Wait a minute. I'm a webdeveloper. I know PHP." 20 minutes later I had it working :D

I might still reorganise the "Browse Blog" section in the coming days, since at the moment it's just a wall of links.

In other news, I now have 7 flareguns and 6 ubersaws. This item finding shit in TF2 is lame.

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design rants

CSS Tables are not the answer

Just because you're using CSS-tables doesn't mean you're making tableless design.
Lately I've seen so much praise for this stupid technique and it really baffles me.
Do people really think that designers ditched tables because the tag was named table?


<div style="display: table">
 <div style="display: table-row">
  <div style="display: table-cell"></div>

Is in no way better than this:


In fact it's worse. It's longer to write out, meaning it takes longer to implement and makes your file sizes larger, which in turn takes the files longer to download.
It's also less semantic. If you have to use a table-based design, use a table. Don't use divs and then make them act like tables. You're missing the point entirely.

End rant.

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Stupid terms

I was asked recently if I believed in "Climate Change".
I said, "Yes, yes I do. It was warm yesterday, and today it is quite chilly. There are quite obvious differences in climate between Summer and Winter, not to mention differences between places closer to the equator and those further from it and they each have their own varying climate changes depending on the time of year. So yes, I believe in 'Climate Change.'"
I was then promptly told I had "no fucking clue what I was talking about" and to "read a newspaper sometime." I told them to read a fucking dictionary.
What happened to "Global Warming"? Why did people stop using that term? Was it not PC enough? Was it not ambiguous enough? Seriously. Global Warming is pretty straight-to-the-point. How climate change suddenly became a replacement is beyond me.

A similar thing happened in High School when I was asked if I believed in "Intelligent Design."
After thinking on it for a few minutes I came back to him and told him I did, believing full well that intelligent design just meant a logical and well structured design.
In my defence I'm not religious at all. I had no idea what the term had been stolen and molested in to.

Can we all agree right now to stop using stupid terms like these? I'll be your friend on Facebook if you do.

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Quake LIVE

Quake Live Live
Quake Live Live

Work productivity: 0

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