Happy birthday to me.
I'm a hundred and three.
Something something I don't like your face.

I completely forgot it was my birthday today, so I suppose if I had a surprise birthday party I would have been genuinely surprised.

Today we merged the Ohnd, mcsA and mcOhnD forums in to one giant Voltron of a message board. Check it out at co-opp's shiny new forum. Okay, it isn't that shiny, but it's merged. That's the important thing. We (meaning d3viant, the fluffy little genius behind this whole shebang) still needs to sort out everyone's ranks and permissions and so forth, and of course the templates/themes, but it's lookin' real good so far.

I've been playing around in Crysis' somewhat crippled Sandbox2, and I've come to the conclusion that it's just about the best thing ever. I'm really looking forward to the final version when the game ships, along with entities and prefabs that actually work.
Probably the thing that takes up the most of my time is spawning shit and then blowing it up. Honestly, the destructables are so much fun to destroy:

Blowing Shit Up - Part 1 Blowin’ Shit Up - Part 2

Hello, World.
Hello, World.

I've starting making my own little map, I duped the demo's SP level (named "island"... great name there CryTek, I wonder how long it took you to come up with that one), deleted everything, chose a small little island and started building. I've got guys and boats patroling, and waypointing. I've even got a guy peeing in the bushes. Good times. The whole flowchart thing is really crazy when you get your first glimpse at it (especially if you're looking at one of CryTek's ones that come in the Single Player level) but once you get the hang of it you'll be scripting complex events all over the place.

If anyone reading plans on making a map, I suggest that you take it easy on the explosives. The AI love shooting red barrels. Seriously, I can be running around on the other side of the island and shit will be randomly exploding from AI shooting where they think I am (apparently inside gas tanks and red barrels).