People seem to think I'm dead. This is a common misconception. I'm not dead. I'm undead.
It's true. Last week I was chillin' with the boys when all of a sudden this pale seductress cat-walks her way up to me and starts nibbling on my neck. Not that I blame her either. If you've seen my neck, you'd probably want to nibble on it too, it's drop dead sexy. Regardless, I'm sure you've figured out by now that she was indeed a Vampire, and I have become her prodigy.
Being a child of the night isn't much different from what I was used to. I always liked the night more than day. The heat, tans, loose clothing, and all that, over-rated. I always felt more alive during the night, and now even more-so. Pity some of my friends aren't the same way. Maybe I should turn them. No, that would be selfish of me. But damnit, I'm going to outlive them anyway. Oh what's the point of living. Excuse me while I go jump off a cliff.

Some time later

Okay, so that didn't work. Not only am I undead, I apparently have a high resistance to gravity-enforced-velocity. Curse you cruel Night Mother! Curse you!

Speaking of the Night Mother. I've been very impressed with Oblivion so far. I've had it for just under two weeks.
It has some amazing scenery. Like this, a half-submerged Ayleid ruin. The ruins are probably my favourite things to find in Oblivion.

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I was one of the first to express my disbelief in the Horse Armour Modification for Oblivion. I understood why they would charge for official modifications, but for Horse Amour? No dice. Or so I thought. In-Game it makes your horse look so freakin' cool.

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It also fixed a glitch I was experiencing too. My horse was constantly sticking to my arse everytime I moved anywhere. It would run straight behind me. I amoured him up and now he doesn't do that, which is excellent.

The physics can be a little outrageous some times, but most of the times it's just plain hilarious. Take this guy for instance. The guard found out (my doing) that the guy is loco, so he decided to lay the smack down on the mentally ill.

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Ignore the purply haze around people, that's my constant Life-Detect Magic. It shows people miles away as little purple hazes through buildings and such. Very handy when I'm out hunting.

But by far the coolest feature of Oblivion, in terms of gameplay, is this.

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You can retreive your freakin' arrows. From corpses, walls, barrels etc. If you shoot a brick wall though, the arrow will bounce off and sometimes be pretty hard to find, but they will be there, laying on the ground. Now that's what I call immersion, baby. Granted, sometimes not all the arrows are there. For example, fire 20 arrows in to a goblin and when he dies, he'll probably only have 10 or 12 arrows in him. Clearly this is for game-balancing. Immersion wise, I figure this is because some of the arrows break and fall to the ground. *shifty eyes*

I've purchased a house in Skingrad. It took a long time to consider where I should lay my hat, but once I had staked out Skingrad I knew that was where I belonged. Not only is it all upper-class mansions and shit, but the Count of Skingrad is a freakin' Vampire. How freakin' cool is that? Yep, Skingrad is definately where I'd want to call home.

Stay pale, night brothers and sisters.

PS. I forgot (again) to post up my second 3D Assignment. I posted it on the Phorum like a month or so ago, but I keep forgetting to put it up here. Well here it is in all it's glory. I was going to change the Security Camera shot (where "red" slides toward the camera and the camera follows him past) to have like a fuzzy black and white effect, similar to Matthew's avatar on the Phorum, but unfortunately I ran out of time.

Download (2.6MB Xvid AVI 25FPS)