Like a wife sticking to her abusive husband, I've gone back to Foobar2000.
Winamp made me want to kill myself over and over again. I actually loaded up Oblivion and made my character die, then I loaded my save and then I made myself die again. That's how much agony I was in using Winamp. Sure it's pretty, but it's functionless, kind of like Vista.

I'd deleted everything to do with Foobar2000 and reinstalled it piece by piece.
I went through my components list and removed ones that I just don't use at all, and some that I had suspicions of being dodgy.
The following were on my hit-list:


Victory! I played music for a whole day and not a single crash or error. So I decided to bring in the audioscrobbler plugin, since I use that to update my Last.FM account.
Every time I try and bring foo_audioscrobbler (v1.3.5) back in I get millions of runtime errors and the occasional "bad allocation" error. So it sure looks like that is the troublemaker. Therefore my recent music list in the sidebar and my Last.FM won't be updating until they fix it.

On the same topic, I logged in to the HydrogenAudio (Foobar) forums for the first time in probably 12 months, to find a heap people requesting buttons. Sorry dudes and dudettes.