Well the Interweb downage extended beyond the "worst case scenario" timeline. "At the very latest, it'll be Monday" he said. We didn't get our net back until Wednesday.
The reason our 'net was down was because Internode, our ISP, increased their pricing quite a lot. This comes after taking down their News Server and removing their 3DGamers mirror. So we decided to cut them loose.
We're now with iiNet in case anyone's wondering. We have an extra 20GB a month and we are paying $10 less (than what we were paying before the price increase).
Unfortunately, for some reason our line wasn't eligible for the churn process, so we had to manually disconnect from Internode and wait for iiNet to process our application. If we churned we would have been Internetless for less than a day.

My Design and Interactive Animation project was due on Friday. Unfortunately ZenPhoto (which I use for my gallery) doesn't let me upload Flash files, so until I find an alternative way or look for a mod etc. I'm just going to embed it right here. It might play a bit choppy since it's been resized.

The assignment was to create a character animation in Flash with a song using no text to convey the story. There were also time and file size limitations and what not. The track I chose was Massive Attack's Butterfly Caught.

As I mentioned in the previous episode, my host is changing servers. Well, that's gone through and I've updated everything to reflect the new server settings. As always, there's no doubt I've missed something, so if you find any errors, specifically MySQL errors then please comment or contact me. Thanks <3