db2010 Blog

Now that I've launched dBaines 2011 I thought I'd release db2010 for the world to download and dissect. I hope to make this a tradition :)

Download db2010 for WordPress (4.52mb) Download db2010 for ZenPhoto (55kb)

Please Note: This is a theme that served a very specific purpose and as such is in no way ready to be plonked in to any old WordPress install. I'm not releasing it so that others can use it, I'm releasing it so that others can learn from it. I will not be providing support for people trying to use it as a theme. What you can and cannot do with this theme is outlined at the bottom of this post.

A brief run-down of features for the WordPress theme:

  • Perfect integration with ZenPhoto 1.3
  • Uses HTML5 and CSS3
  • No Support for IE6 - May work, untested, not likely.
  • Homepage Template that pulls latest ZenPhoto posts
  • Search bar searches wordpress if you're on a wordpress page, searches zenphoto if you're on a zenphoto page.
  • Admin Bar (defunct now since WordPress 3.1 comes with it's own admin bar)
  • Tutorial post type with custom display
  • QuickUpdate post type with custom display
  • Microthemes with cookie
  • Custom admin login theme
  • All plugins fallback to either default functionality or display friendly fallback message.
  • Various helpful shortcodes:
    • Download buttons
    • Columns
    • Demo/Download buttons for script releases
    • Clear
    • Subheadings (h2 with a class)
    • Important/Info/Error messages
    • Hilight
    • Inline Code
    • GeSHi styled Codebox, doesn't rely on a plugin

A brief run-down of features for the ZenPhoto theme:

  • Completely static homepage category display. Unfortunately I just couldn't get the logic down to display the homepage dynamically without doing crazy things with subcategories and what-not.
  • Absolutely relies on the WordPress template. The header, subsection and footer are all dynamic and pulled from WordPress.
  • Matched very closely in style to the WordPress theme. I tried to make it as tight of an integration as a could.

Supported plugins out of the box:

You can find more detail at the initial db2010 announcement post.


I'll try and link these all to their appropriate places soon. In the meantime a quick google should show appropriate results.

  • Silk Icons
  • Function Icons
  • EasySlider 1.7
  • Tipsy
  • jQuery.preload
  • jQuery.autogrow-textarea
  • jQuery.cookies
  • jQuery.input.hint
  • jQuery.jCaption
  • jQuery.styleswitcher
  • Modernizr
  • YUI CSS base

Do's and Don't's

You are completely free to re-work this theme and use it on your own personal blog or website.

You are completely free to use snippets of code or techniques used/learned from this theme in your own theme.

You are completely free to re-develop this theme and release it for any platform (including as a standalone WordPress theme.) I only ask that you keep a credit to me (a comment in the CSS file or header.php will be fine) and that you release it for free.