Somehow my sister convinced my mum to have christmas early, she won't be here christmas day.

I finally got my long lost computer upgrades, and she got her iRiver.
We originally went out and bought an iRiver H10 under mistaken assumptions it would play video. After finding out it won't ever play video (without several hacks the even still only play the video at 1-2fps) we promptly returned it. Turns out the source of the ill-advice was getting a lot of complaints. The guy there literally said, "We only need one more reason and he's gone".
We switched it for the same model as mine, the H320. She probably won't use half of the features but it comes with alot of stuff that was an "optional extra" (ie. more $$) for the H10. It also plays video, which the H10 FISSION MAILED at.

I got my motherboard plugged and my spankin' new video card in shortly after. For some reason I couldn't get any video output on my LCD, but I could on my CRT (after rumaging around for half an hour trying to find my damn DVI > VGA thingo, only to find one in my new video card box (duh Baines)) so that was a little bizarre. Once I got into windows and installed my drivers both monitors popped up. And now one of my hard drives is showing up as "unreadable" which didn't sound good at first, and after a quick google search doesn't look good at all. I'll try it in linux and see if I can restore some old data and back it up before I format it. I feel like I've lost a limb without this damn harddrive. Ironically it had all my backups on it.

I made a new style/skin for the site a few days ago, I hope brian doesn't mind, but I made it look like woot :P
The new style can be accessed from the sidebar under "styles".
I also have a few ideas here infront of me in my art diary inspired by various sites I've been to the past week or so. I still want to do a gothic one but I just can't find any decent examples to inspire me. I task you in finding sexy gothic (the architectural style, not the emo vampires) websites.