Free Image Hosting at Here's something I made last week sometime and just now realized someone might actually benefit from it's supreme excellency.
It's a config/skin for the Foobar2000 plugin "foo_toast". Foo_Toast is the winAMP toaster equivelent for Foobz, that hovers a little box up on yo grill that be all like, Dawg, dis da shit dat be playin' rite, with the album art and whatever else.
I think I had a point somewhere... Oh yeah, the toaster config can be downloaded below, I've named it... dBaines.

Foo_Toast dBaines config/skin (17KB)

What an original name, I know! I was thinking about calling it something hardcore like a name of a greek god or an obscure religious or game reference, but then I looked at the little guy and thought, nah, he's Baines to the max. Especially with my logo sitting right there. Maybe the next one I'll make I'll do something original (for me).

Note: It shows the time progressed just before the overall time ("0:45 / 3:00" for example), it infrequently works on my machine, which is why the preview doesn't show it, but if it decides not to work it degrades absolutely beautifully.

I haven't released it anywhere else yet, I tried to post up on the Foobz forums but they require an ISP e-mail, and embarassingly, I don't have one handy at the moment. I've only just switch ISPs and I'm still trying to get out of the habbit of writing, because it doesn't work anymore, let alone making a new one for the 'node. And I'm in no shape to make one now.
Maybe tomorrow.

Update: Released on the Foobar forum.


Edit: Also, while I'm here I might aswell mention that will go down on the 29th if I haven't renewed it by then, yeah it's been a year already. Time flies and all that. If it does go down, it'll only be for a day, two at the most. Depends on how biz-AYE I get.
I think there was something else I was supposed to do, but god knows. Be good to your mother and don't steal candy from children. That'll do.