Back in August I blogged about something that really pisses me off: When applications install in to your C drive regardless of where you tell it to install.

Another thing that is similar and just as heinous is when you download a program, run the installer and then the installer downloads another installer. Again.


If this isn't the installer, what is it? An installer for the installer? Redundant much?
I could give a flying fuck if you want me to have the latest version. Create an auto-updater for your software if you want everyone to be on the bleeding edge. I downloaded the setup file because I wanted it to be accessible from anywhere. If I knew this was just going to be a proxy for the real setup I would have just run it from my temp files after it had finished downloading. I chose to save the file so I could use it anywhere and any time. Now I need to be attached to the internet just to install your stupid browser that nobody takes seriously anyway. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, this is Google after all, not exactly king of the software realm. Unfortunately though, they aren't the only ones that do this.

Dear developers: Stop it. Just stop it. It's not clever. It's not cool. It's stupid and you're stupid for thinking it's any good. Just quit it.