dBaines.com Homepage
dBaines.com Homepage
I've made a grungy new homepage for the Dragon2009 theme here at dbaines.com. Every other theme just redirects you to the blog :)

I've always wanted a unique looking homepage for my website that shows off both my artwork and my blog. It uses a lot of jQuery, PNGs, a little CSS3 and a few hacked wordpress plugins.
Currently it's only supported in Firefox 3.5, I haven't had a chance to hack up some IE sheets and bugfix yet.

I searched for ages to find a hack for ZenPressed to get a full sized image to use as a background image. In the end I didn't find one and almost gave up, before thinking, "Wait a minute. I'm a webdeveloper. I know PHP." 20 minutes later I had it working :D

I might still reorganise the "Browse Blog" section in the coming days, since at the moment it's just a wall of links.

In other news, I now have 7 flareguns and 6 ubersaws. This item finding shit in TF2 is lame.