First things first, open flash and create a new page. Now click file, and click import.

Import Image

Now browse for your image and open it up. If the image isn't as large as you like simply right-click it and select scale, to increase/decrease it's size. When your ready to begin, click the add layer button on the timeline.

Make a New Layer

Now lock the layer with the image by clicking the dot under the lock, in the timeline. Next, we zoom into about 400-800% to see the lines close up. Now select the line tool, or press [n]. Now for this tutorial, I am using my pic of Spike. I will show you how I did the side of his face.

Select the line tool and drag from one point to the other and release.

Draw LineDrawn LineBend Line

Select the arrow tool or press [v]. Using the arrow tool, you can bend the line, don't select the line. Make sure the line is unselected. Instead move your curser close to the line and you will see your curser change to a curve arrow thing. Clicking and dragging you will find that you can bend the line to will. Bend the line so it fits the sketch below. Now rinse and repeat for the whole image and you will have successfully inked in Flash MX.

Side Line 1Side Line 2
Chin Line 1Chin Line 2

Also, a cutting-edge (the thick out-line) isn't a bad thing to have, especially if you want the character(s) to stand out. And don't feel scared to improvise, you can change things, like if you don't like a sword, you can ink the image and give the character a new sword, if you want.
Anyway, after all that talking, here's the finished product:

End Product

Now the End product looks good, but if you want to CG, the sketch in the background doesn't look that good. So, unlock the sketch layer and delete it.

End Product with no BG

Ahh, much better. Now you'll probably want to save a .fla file of this, probably before you delete the other layer, but you don't have to. Then select File, and click on Export Image.

Export Image

Save it as .jpg for better quality. Congratulations. You have successfully Inked in Flash MX and exported it as an Image. Now CG it ;)