Recently (yesterday) I finalized what we as a family have been planning for a few months now. Switching from Hellstra Bigpong to a decent ISP, the absolutly adored Internode.
I've gone from a 10GB monthly limit to 40GB, which is so much better. And the ammount of things I can have running simultainously is crazy. With Bigpond, if I had say a torrent going at anything over 30kbps it would all but kill the rest of the internet, pages would load slow and such. With Internode, I have Digitally Imported radio going (streaming free data directly from internode), 3 torrents (~140kbps overall), and pages are loading like fire. Fire loads pretty quick.

Enough of my high-on-a-happy-cloudness, on to more pressing matters, like Tafe work.
Instead of repeating everything I've made in an already existing forum post, I'll just leave you with a link and a teaser image.