So today I went for my "Learner's Permit".
I had to do 8 give-way questions, 32 road rule questions and 10 road safety questions.
I'd done the online test like a million times last week, so I was fairly confident.
Suprising myself, the test-over-see-er and my mother, I got every single question right. In the back of my mind I heard a deep voice yell, "FLAWLESS VICTORY!".
Then I had to spend half an hour waiting in the cashier's line. Then I had to spend another half an hour waiting for, what I believe to be the most computer-illeterate woman I have ever witnessed, attempt to fill in my information in to her fancy computer database.
Then I had my photo taken. My eternal soul, as awesome as it is, was captured in a single piece of film, which I may or may not recieve in 7-10 days.
So I now have a temporary Learner's Permit to drive with.
Now all I need is a place that sells L-Plates. And six months and 50 hours worth of driving lessons before I can progress on to my Piis (ROLF NINTENDO JOKE!121"!~).

I've added a new sketch to my gallery. 2 Jedi Rabbit poses.
Update: I've coloured the second pose from above.