Despite running late, I somehow managed to best the space-time continuum and catch the early bus, getting me in to work a whole 30 minutes early.
I accidentally typo-ed the alarm code, setting the whole thing off for a couple of seconds while I punched in the correct code. I still can't hear out of my right ear.
Upon logging in I was greeted with a "Your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator" prompt. Turns out another David recently(ish) left and instead of disabling his account, the techs accidentally disabled mine. Of course, the techs didn't get there until 9.
Once that was resolved I discovered I could no longer write to the web server. One and half hours of techy banter between them, about 5 log on/offs and reboots and their final solution was to delete my user profile and start again.
Another 30 minutes wasted setting up my shiny new profile the way I like it, installing Firefox addons and so forth.
After that I actually got a bit of work done and then off to lunch.
I had the worst Subway ever. The bread was half cooked so it was all limp and uninspired. I have meatballs on my sub, small little weighted objects inside a soft, uncaring shell, fighting against gravity to stay in place. That was never going to happen. It was even toasted.
I scoffed down my sub in 8 minutes to slow down the increasing speed it was falling apart. This left me with a stomach ache for the rest of the day.
I got back to the office a mere 20 minutes after I'd left, wasting the rest of my 45-minute lunch "hour" reading Digg.
Upon checking my mail I realised I could no longer communicate with the Exchange Server. I got one of the techies to look at it and had him stumped for a few minutes. Then he walked off saying, "Oh, I bet I know what it is.." and he was never heard from again. I still can't get my mail.
The boss-man left for his trip to somewheresville, leaving everyone in pretty much a bludging mood.
The guy to the left of me had a Stewie soundboard, and the guy to the right an Arnie soundboard. They were throwing lines back between each other, that kept us pretty well entertained for the rest of the day. It was broken up with the occasional youtube video and phone calls (work related and otherwise).
I left 5 minutes early and realised I'd forgotten to buy a bus ticket at lunch. I quickly whisped over there, only to discover the line was huge, there were only three registers open and the express credit-card lane was closed. I waited what seemed like forever and eventually got to the front and payed the obscene ammount of Earth credits that it costs to buy bus tickets and was on my way.
I bested the space-time continuum for the second time that day when I realised that my bus was sitting there at my bus stop waiting for me, a whole 10 minutes late.

Not exactly the worst day ever but it was certainly different. I applaud the Gods for spicing things up a bit.