This is a multi-page post of tutorials that will teach you how to create a custom post type for an art gallery, template it and then implement a custom home page with a slider.

I'll be working with the as-of-writing default template, TwentyEleven, but the steps can really be applied to any skin as long as you acknowledge the dimensions of your website before you start.

This introductory page will act as a guide to break up the tutorial in to easy to digest chunks, so here's a run down of each page and what you will learn:

Page Two

Custom Post Type Settings
  • Create an "artwork" custom post type using the Custom Post Type UI plugin
  • Apply additional image sizes using the Additional Image Sizes plugin
  • Creating  your first art gallery post

Page Three

Styling Added
  • Creating a template to display your artwork post type as a gallery rather than a series of posts.

Page Four

  • Implementing Colorbox to display your "full posts" as a popup gallery

Page Five

Customised the Slider
  • Creating a homepage for your website
  • Using Sudo Slider to develop a "latest artwork" slider.

Page Six

Styled titles and dates
  • Adding titles and dates to your slider and styling
  • Linking the titles directly to a colorbox popup


  • Download final template from Github
  • Other tutorials to keep going with

Ready to get started? Head on over to Part Two.