Welcome to db2010!
Built entirely on beta software, it's so unstable it's going to break your world!
Not only is built using WordPress 3.0 beta 2 now on WP3, but ZenPhoto pre1.3 alpha the shiny new ZenPhoto 1.3 as well as CSS3, which in a way is still beta too. Oh boy!

This is a complete redevelopment of the previous template, "Seraph" whose rounded corners and other various design elements were all made using images. This time it's all CSS3. If you don't have a CSS3-enabled browser, no dramas, you just won't see drop shadows or rounded corners.

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dBaines.com rants

Woes of a Web Designer

Contrary to popular belief, there is no magical "fix your poorly taken photo" button. If your photo looks terrible in your hands, it's going to look terrible when it's scanned.

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dBaines.com design

Grungy New Homepage

dBaines.com Homepage
dBaines.com Homepage
I've made a grungy new homepage for the Dragon2009 theme here at dbaines.com. Every other theme just redirects you to the blog :)

I've always wanted a unique looking homepage for my website that shows off both my artwork and my blog. It uses a lot of jQuery, PNGs, a little CSS3 and a few hacked wordpress plugins.
Currently it's only supported in Firefox 3.5, I haven't had a chance to hack up some IE sheets and bugfix yet.

I searched for ages to find a hack for ZenPressed to get a full sized image to use as a background image. In the end I didn't find one and almost gave up, before thinking, "Wait a minute. I'm a webdeveloper. I know PHP." 20 minutes later I had it working :D

I might still reorganise the "Browse Blog" section in the coming days, since at the moment it's just a wall of links.

In other news, I now have 7 flareguns and 6 ubersaws. This item finding shit in TF2 is lame.

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Persistant Consistancy


I never thought I'd see the day, but lo and behold, it's been over a year with the same layout/design here at dBaines.com. This design, titled BreezeEasy, or Volume 4 depending on who you ask, was created in September of last year and put online on the 1st of October. Since then it's had a few tweaks and such, as you can expect, but the core design hasn't changed one molecule.
Considering I used to change designs almost monthly back in the day, this came as quite a surprise to me.

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