A brief showcase of Co-Opp’s 404 Pages.

I like to think I make a pretty good 404 page. Not a lot of people see them, so I thought I'd document a few from Co-Opp over the past few years.

2008: This was the first 404 page I developed for Co-Opp. At the time, the Co-Opp logo was sitting on top of a bunch of blue circles with some drips coming off the bottom. I decided to spin that familiar vision of the logo slightly and have the blue cloud turn in to a pool of blood.


2009: The logo changed slightly when the website was redesigned in 2009 and the logo no longer sat on a cloud of blue drippiness. As such the previous 404's pun was no longer relevant. Although still a good 404 page, I wanted something new and something more related to classic gaming that the logo represented. I came up with the idea of using the 404 to represent a classic game over screen.


2011: In early 2011, Co-Opp experienced a complete shift. The logo was back to the original one and everything became much more refined in purpose. I thought for a few days what I would use for a 404 page. I was very close to setting up a scene in Team Fortress 2 (via Garry's Mod) of a battle and having the Co-Opp logo lay dead in the middle saying something like, "Oh no! The page you were looking for was killed in cross-fire!" or something. A member of Co-Opp posted a photo to his Facebook account showing him ferociously about to eat a bunch of peas, and everything just clicked.


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Grungy New Homepage Homepage Homepage
I've made a grungy new homepage for the Dragon2009 theme here at Every other theme just redirects you to the blog :)

I've always wanted a unique looking homepage for my website that shows off both my artwork and my blog. It uses a lot of jQuery, PNGs, a little CSS3 and a few hacked wordpress plugins.
Currently it's only supported in Firefox 3.5, I haven't had a chance to hack up some IE sheets and bugfix yet.

I searched for ages to find a hack for ZenPressed to get a full sized image to use as a background image. In the end I didn't find one and almost gave up, before thinking, "Wait a minute. I'm a webdeveloper. I know PHP." 20 minutes later I had it working :D

I might still reorganise the "Browse Blog" section in the coming days, since at the moment it's just a wall of links.

In other news, I now have 7 flareguns and 6 ubersaws. This item finding shit in TF2 is lame.

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design rants

CSS Tables are not the answer

Just because you're using CSS-tables doesn't mean you're making tableless design.
Lately I've seen so much praise for this stupid technique and it really baffles me.
Do people really think that designers ditched tables because the tag was named table?


<div style="display: table">
 <div style="display: table-row">
  <div style="display: table-cell"></div>

Is in no way better than this:


In fact it's worse. It's longer to write out, meaning it takes longer to implement and makes your file sizes larger, which in turn takes the files longer to download.
It's also less semantic. If you have to use a table-based design, use a table. Don't use divs and then make them act like tables. You're missing the point entirely.

End rant.

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It's getting rediculous, the ammount of Visual Style releases for XP are either the latest Apple Tiger/Puma/Lion/Meercat/Wildebeast/Superman or some Windows Vista hackup (NOW WITH SUPER VISTA-STARTBAR WOW!).
It's getting so silly that people are releasing exactly the same fucking visual style.
Just take a look around various skinning sites and you'll see that almost every second one is either an apple os or vista. The only thing now is for people to release mashups of vista and osx. That would probably get the highest ammount of downloads too because all xp users are stupid in the face.
Seriously though, I can't believe they are so popular. It's as bad as someone ripping a website. Someone's been hard at work (in this case, apple and microsoft) to make a clean, nice gui, and some retard with no inspiration comes along, takes a screenshot, rips or reproduces each little image and pieces it back together and slaps their name on it. Get some fucking originality people. I'm really suprised that this type of stuff isn't frowned upon in the design community.
It doesn't stop with Apple or Vista either, there are a fair share of various linux distro guis floating around, but let's face it - they're way too slick to be popular.


It's been way too long since I've seen a really nice visual style that wasn't ripped or "inspired" from someone else's work.

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