Usenet Intranet Homepage

Last weekend I set up a local Ubuntu server on an old PC and migrated my SickBeard, CouchPotato and Headphones over to it. While I was there I installed SABnzbd as well to complete the package.


Yesterday I decided to make a homepage for the server and I figured other people might like to check it out as well, so I released it on GitHub!

It's a cool little one-pager that has buttons for SickBeard, CouchPotato, Headphones and SABnzbd, details of your current download, your wifi information and a list of TV shows that are coming out today.

It's completely customisable, at the top of the php file is a big array full of various settings you can tinker with.

Old browsers weren't that target audience for this project as it makes use of CSS3 and HTML5 (progress bars!)

Check it out on Github!

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DotNetNuke Snippets for SublimeText 2

Do you create DotNetNuke Skins? Do you use SublimeText2? Then these snippets might help save time!

Let me know if you have any requests or suggestions.

Now available in Package Control

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dbaines2012 WordPress Theme on Github

Version 2.0 - Last updated 2012-04-01
Looking for help? Try the wiki.

I've done a visual refresh of the WordPress Theme here so I've started a new Github project to separate it from the previous theme.

Like last time, this is a development template and is in no way ready to be used on any website "as is". It's only being shared as a developer resource. If you see something here you like and want to know how it's done then you can download the source and peruse the templates :)

This is the theme being used on this website right now. It's like a live demo!

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dbaines2011 WordPress Theme now on Github

FINAL Version 1.7 - Updated: 2012-01-17

I've uploaded my current WordPress theme as a Github project, freely available for WordPress hackers of the world to dissect and learn from. So if there's anything here that you've seen and thought, "How the hell is he making that happen?" well, now you can find out! Feel free to download, use, dissect, play-with or do nasty, nasty things that you really shouldn't tell anyone about.

This template is no longer being developed. Instead any future updates are being done to the dbaines2012 project, also available at Github.

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db2010 WordPress & ZenPhoto Themes Download

db2010 Blog

Now that I've launched dBaines 2011 I thought I'd release db2010 for the world to download and dissect. I hope to make this a tradition :)

Download db2010 for WordPress (4.52mb) Download db2010 for ZenPhoto (55kb)

Please Note: This is a theme that served a very specific purpose and as such is in no way ready to be plonked in to any old WordPress install. I'm not releasing it so that others can use it, I'm releasing it so that others can learn from it. I will not be providing support for people trying to use it as a theme. What you can and cannot do with this theme is outlined at the bottom of this post.
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