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Adding Zenphoto Option to WordPress Custom Post Type Search

Custom Post Type search with Zenphoto Options

Following on from my Custom Post Types Search tutorial, we'll add a Zenphoto option that will switch the action and method of the form and the input name if a user clicks on it.

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WordPress Custom Post Type Search

Custom Post Type Search

Learn how to add some options to your Wordpress search bar to allow the user to specify exactly where they want to search.

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db2010 WordPress & ZenPhoto Themes Download

db2010 Blog

Now that I've launched dBaines 2011 I thought I'd release db2010 for the world to download and dissect. I hope to make this a tradition :)

Download db2010 for WordPress (4.52mb) Download db2010 for ZenPhoto (55kb)

Please Note: This is a theme that served a very specific purpose and as such is in no way ready to be plonked in to any old WordPress install. I'm not releasing it so that others can use it, I'm releasing it so that others can learn from it. I will not be providing support for people trying to use it as a theme. What you can and cannot do with this theme is outlined at the bottom of this post.
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A brief showcase of Co-Opp’s 404 Pages.

I like to think I make a pretty good 404 page. Not a lot of people see them, so I thought I'd document a few from Co-Opp over the past few years.

2008: This was the first 404 page I developed for Co-Opp. At the time, the Co-Opp logo was sitting on top of a bunch of blue circles with some drips coming off the bottom. I decided to spin that familiar vision of the logo slightly and have the blue cloud turn in to a pool of blood.


2009: The logo changed slightly when the website was redesigned in 2009 and the logo no longer sat on a cloud of blue drippiness. As such the previous 404's pun was no longer relevant. Although still a good 404 page, I wanted something new and something more related to classic gaming that the logo represented. I came up with the idea of using the 404 to represent a classic game over screen.


2011: In early 2011, Co-Opp experienced a complete shift. The logo was back to the original one and everything became much more refined in purpose. I thought for a few days what I would use for a 404 page. I was very close to setting up a scene in Team Fortress 2 (via Garry's Mod) of a battle and having the Co-Opp logo lay dead in the middle saying something like, "Oh no! The page you were looking for was killed in cross-fire!" or something. A member of Co-Opp posted a photo to his Facebook account showing him ferociously about to eat a bunch of peas, and everything just clicked.


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Keyboard Navigation for EasySlider and SudoSlider


Looking for instructions for SudoSlider?

EasySlider is pretty awesome. You just chuck it in, tell it what container to slide with and you're all good to go. It's definitely my go-to slider when working on new projects. When implementing it on a recent project there was only one thing missing: Keyboard navigation. I'm a huge fan of keyboard navigation, probably just because I'm really lazy and I'm always impressed when I can move things about using my arrow keys. Luckily for me, keyboard navigation is super simple to add, and Alen kindly provides the non-minified code so we can hack away and customise to our liking!
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