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Spore Creature Creator…

The Bugape
The fascinating Bugape
The Terrifying Terrorfin!
The Terrifying Terrorfin! AWESOME.

I'd pretty much given up caring about Spore due to all the delays and all the hyper fans. However, after playing with the creature creator I am SO there. Enjoy my first two awesome creations.

To play with this brilliant mini-game simply check your favourite gaming-related website and grab the demo.

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Have Paperclip…

Will swap keys!
I was bored at Centrelink (surprise!).
I also swapped a couple of the lettery keys around.
Now that I think about it, I feel kind of like an arsehole.
I can just imagine someone banging the keyboard thinking it's a problem with the computer. They'll probably try to reboot it and wonder why the keys haven't swapped back. Oh you crazy people!

I wonder what happened to that paperclip.

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What ever happened to getting games with your video card? I remember bringing home my shiny new ATi 9600XT. I unwrapped it, pulled out the driver disc and out fell a game. In that case I believe it was one of the Tomb Raider games. Sure they weren't the best games at the time, but they were quality and really good. Another classic game I got with one of my video cards was Black Hawk Down. That was way before all the Battlefields and Call of Duties flooded the gaming market with World War II clones of each other, so the war game genre was still pretty new to me.

9600 GT Packaging
9600 GT Packaging

I purchased a new 512MB GeForce 9600GT earlier this week. Unwrapping it I was dismayed to find no game. Then I realised I hadn't gotten a game with either of my previous video cards either. (7600GT and an 8600GT, see a pattern? I don't. What are you talking about?)
Maybe it's because of all the rampant video game piracy that the video game market just can't afford to package their games any more. Maybe it's just because I keep buying mid-range cards, that don't come packaged. Either way, I'm annoyed. I'm going to write the government a letter. They'll help me out!

I also purchased a new CPU while I was there. An AMDx2 6000+. Processing power of the GODS!

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New Monitor

New Monitor
New Monitor

I just went out and bought a 22" widescreen monitor to finally replace my old dying 19" CRT that's so big it hardly even fits inside the house.
I was going to put a "yo momma's so fat" joke here and replace the mums with my monitor but I can't be bothered.
Since the old one was so freakin' big I now have about 5km² of desk free to use as I please.
After two decades of education it's come to my attention that humans are visual creatures, and therefore I have supplied an image to suit your curiosity.

Everything looks so much better in widescreen.
The clarity is so much better than the CRT as well.

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Happy 2008 Day!

Only four more to go!

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