Sounds Pretty Serious


Of all the adjectives for an error, I must admit "catastrophic" is by far the coolest of them all.

Related.. ly.. why do developers always put shit pictures in the background of their installers? Shouldn't the install process get users pumped and ready for an awesome game experience? Putting a 320x240, 16 colour, no AA, no filtering, low quality and all around crappy image in the background just makes us depressed. Arsehole.

I'm sure there's some BS answer for this such as a bunch of wankers with ties did some research in to the launch speeds of the install process and found that low res backgrounds made some omnipotent being happy or something. It's 2007 for Christmas' sake! I think it's safe to assume everyone has quad core CPUs and several magaflops of RAM. I'm sure they can handle an image of ginormous proportions like 1024x768.

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