Sydney Tomorrow

I'm leaving for Sydney tomorrow to attend Co-Opp 5.
Should be fun!

Speaking of Co-Opp, I've been working on the site for the past week finishing everything off. The contact page for example has probably been "coming soon" for about two years now. I figured it was about time we put something on there :P
I made a pretty sweet 404 page too :)

All software across the website is now fully integrated and working aces. The templates have been written to accommodate for easy updating, so hopefully there shouldn't be any surprisingly horrible looking profile pages or anything when we update next time.
The only part I'm currently not happy with is the article comments. They were designed based on the previous look of the forum, so I'm thinking about updating them to reflect the new forum look a bit more.

I've also fixed some minor bugs here and there around this website and made sure every thing's working properly in IE8. I also added some tweaks for IE9 and webkit browsers. I have no intention of removing the warning for IE6/7 or supporting those browsers in any way.
I started playing around with alternate stylesheets for slightly different looks. My coding is freakin' awesome so it's really easy to create new colour schemes and so forth. I might chuck a few together and put some colour switches opposite the search bar or something.

A small freelance job I did over the holidays went live this week, Technical Urethanes, a small South Australian plastics company.

In other news, I found my twenty-third hat in Team Fortress 2 the other day.

I go back to work fulltime on Monday :(

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