Network Command Shell (netsh.exe) Error Fix

Yesterday I booted in to Vista only to discover that almost every program that ran on startup crashed, followed by "Network Command Shell has stopped working".

At first I thought this had knocked out my networking because my Internet wasn't working.
I was looking all through my network settings and router settings trying to see if anything was wrong but it was all working kosher.
After a lot of debugging I noticed 64 bit applications could access the Internet. IE7 x64 was successfully surfing. So I did a search for x64 related Internet issues.

Turns out it's all NOD32's fault. Uninstalling NOD32 and rebooting fixed it. Fuckin' thing. Now I'm Anti-Virus free and I'm Lovin' It.

Looks like it's only an x64 issue. Unfortunate, after using Vista x64 for a couple of months now there doesn't really appear to be many reasons to keep it over the 32bit alternative :(

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Sounds Pretty Serious


Of all the adjectives for an error, I must admit "catastrophic" is by far the coolest of them all.

Related.. ly.. why do developers always put shit pictures in the background of their installers? Shouldn't the install process get users pumped and ready for an awesome game experience? Putting a 320x240, 16 colour, no AA, no filtering, low quality and all around crappy image in the background just makes us depressed. Arsehole.

I'm sure there's some BS answer for this such as a bunch of wankers with ties did some research in to the launch speeds of the install process and found that low res backgrounds made some omnipotent being happy or something. It's 2007 for Christmas' sake! I think it's safe to assume everyone has quad core CPUs and several magaflops of RAM. I'm sure they can handle an image of ginormous proportions like 1024x768.

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Halo 2 Vista delayed again

Halo 2
Halo 2

Interestingly enough, reports are now surfacing that nudity is the cause for Halo 2 PC release. In an email statement received by Next-Generation, Microsoft said, “It has come to our attention that an unfortunate, obscure content error which includes partial nudity was included in our initial production of “Halo 2” for Windows Vista. As such, we have updated the initial game packaging at retailers with a label, so customers are aware before purchasing the game. Additionally, we’ve developed an online update which can be downloaded from to remove the content. At Microsoft we take the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) guidelines very seriously and hold ourselves to high standards, with our customers always in mind.”
- Source

If there's ever a reason to delay a game recently, it's for this sole reason. Hell, if I was in charge of a dev team and we found nudity (even if accidental) in our product I would make damn sure it wasn't in the final retail release. Before the whole Hot Coffee deal this would have been a funny little Easter egg.

Maybe "Nudity" is going to be the new "Dog ate my homework" excuse for game devs.
"Why is Half-Life 3 being pushed back 2 years? Uhh... nudity!" and nobody asks any questions.

Halo 2: Vista was supposed to be released on the 8th of May, and be the debut game for the Games for Windows system. It then got pushed back to the 22nd. Now that it's been pushed back to the 31st, Shadowrun, another highly anticipated game will be the debut game for Games for Windows, being released on May 29. I think this is a pretty big deal, because being the debut game for Games for Windows was really the only thing Halo 2 Vista had going for it. Now it's just another Halo port.

Funnily enough, when Halo 2 Vista didn't arrive on the 22nd, nobody really cared. I don't think anyone would have noticed until Microsoft released the revised date.

I'm still looking forward to playing it. I'm not much of a console gamer and as such haven't even played Halo 2 yet. I enjoyed Halo very much (on both Xbox and PC) and am looking forward to kicking some Combine Covenant arse.

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